IMV Imaging Careers

Our people are the key to our continued success. At IMV imaging we employ over 100 people worldwide and we are always looking for new, enthusiastic people to join our team.

Our vision at IMV imaging is to be a world leader in the invention, development and provision of animal imaging equipment.

We also endeavour to build a team of world-class experts and maintain an inspiring working environment in which they can excel.

Want to join us?

Current Vacancies

Don’t see the right role for you? Think you have what it takes to join our team?


If you are interested in joining the IMV imaging team in the future, please send a CV to our recruitment team at [email protected]


Or if you are based in the US or Canada, please send your CV to [email protected]

Building a world-class team

Our business operates on the core values of Innovation, Partnership and Learning. These values provide the building blocks for sustaining a culture where our people can excel and reach their full potential.

Our company culture is important to us and people are the key focus at IMV imaging. We strive to create an environment that allows our people to be fully engaged. It is through engagement, empowerment and feeling valued that we create both business success and personal

The culture at IMV imaging

At IMV imaging we are all about our people. We have worked hard to provide our employees with a competitive benefits package that helps to create a better working environment and improve employees’ work-life balance

Learning and Development

Learning and development activities are available for all employees at IMV imaging. All development activity is designed to meet individual and business needs.

IMV imaging has supported many of our employees, who have undertaken further study through day release programmes and financial support.

IMV imaging also make available a Personal Development Allowance up to the value of £100 to assist employee on courses that do not necessarily have to be work related.

What opportunities has IMV imaging provided you?
How has IMV imaging helped develop your career?
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