Improve synch program effectiveness in dairy herds with ultrasound

Timed artificial insemination (AI) programs are used with many dairy herds.

Some examples are – OvSynch, CoSynch, PreSynch and ReSynch. They can be more effective when used in combination with ultrasound.

Ultrasound can be used with timed AI programs for the following applications:

  • Determine if a cow has returned to cyclicity following calving. It is not always apparent with heat detection alone.
  • Examine the ovaries for pre-ovulatory follicles or an active corpus luteum.

Efficiency of timed AI programs may be evaluated in various ways. However, the main indicator is shortening the time until rebreeding post-calving. Conception rates of timed AI programs can be significantly improved when used in combination with ultrasound. The reported cost of an extended open period has been stated as reaching up to £4 per cow per day.

In order to minimize conception interval and limit this negative economic effect, ultrasound can be used for:

  • Identifying the correct stage of the estrous cycle for starting timed AI programs
  • Identifying and treating anovulatory cows
  • Earlier detection of pregnancy, non-pregnant cows are resynchronized and rebred more quickly
  • Identifying reproductive tract pathology negatively affecting fertility

Regardless of the type of timed AI programs to be used there are potential benefits for each of them in combination with ultrasound.

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