IMV imaging Equine Stifle Video Series

The stifle is a large and anatomically complex region. This can make ultrasonography of this joint rather daunting, however help is on hand! In this four-part video series, we demonstrate the technique from start to finish, guiding you through the ultrasonographic examination of all the important structures of the stifle.

Don’t forget to read the series of accompanying articles which will provide additional information regarding imaging of the stifle. 

(The videos were filmed using the GE Logiq R7)

Video 1- Introduction, equipment and horse preparation

In the first part of this four-part series on ultrasonography of the equine stifle from IMV imaging, the basic principles of patient preparation, environmental factors, and machine settings are discussed. By optimising all these factors, image quality and therefore the resultant diagnostic quality of an ultrasound examination can be maximised. 


Video 2- Dorsal Stifle: Patellar ligaments 

Part two of this four-part stifle imaging series concerns the approach to a comprehensive ultrasonographic evaluation of the middle, medial and lateral patellar ligaments of the stifle, from evaluation of their origins on the distal aspect of the patella to their insertions onto the tibial tuberosity.

Video 3- Cranial and Medial stifle

Part three of this four-part stifle imaging series starts with a demonstration of how to evaluate the cranial articular surface of the femoropatellar joint (the trochlear ridges and groove of the femur). The medial aspect of the stifle, including the medial meniscus, medial collateral ligament and a pouch of the medial femorotibial joint, is then assessed.  

Video 4- Lateral Stifle 

In the final video of this four-part series from IMV imaging, the approach to ultrasonography of the lateral aspect of the stifle is shown. The structures evaluated include the joint tendinous origins of the long digital extensor and peroneus tertius muscles, the collateral ligament, lateral meniscus, popliteus tendon.  

Don’t forget to read the series of accompanying articles which will provide additional information regarding imaging of the stifle: 

Article 1: Imaging the Equine Stifle: Introduction

Article 2: Imaging the Equine Stifle: Equipment and Preparation 

Article 3: Imaging the Equine Stifle: Cranial medial and lateral approaches 

Article 4: Radiography of the Equine Stifle

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