Preparation for ultrasound examination of the equine distal limb

Check out Ultrasound Examination Equine Distal Limb below!

A description of the necessary steps that must be taken when preparing to carry out ultrasonography on the equine distal limb.

The horse should be well restrained on a non-slip surface.

Chemical sedation may be required.

Clip the haircoat from the caudal aspect of the distal limb in the regions of interest.

The clip should extend a sufficient distance medially and laterally.

Make sure the horse is not clipper shy before starting!

The skin may be lightly cleaned with surgical spirit to remove excessive grease and debris. However, remember that surgical spirit is damaging to the ultrasound transducer! Place ultrasound coupling gel on the skin at least 5 minutes before performing the ultrasound examination.

This will improve the ultrasound image seen at the beginning of the examination.

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