Small animal abdominal ultrasound fast scanning techniques for dog online video series

New free online video series by Ben Sullivan BVSc MRCVS covering what FAST scanning is, when you would use it, how to use it and how to interpret your findings.

Ben also covers multiple views including diaphramaticohepatic view, pplenorenal view, cystocolic view and hepatorenal view. 

At IMV imaging we are fully committed to veterinary learning and helping you get the very most out of your ultrasound equipment.

Introduction and benefits

Video 2 – The Equipment

Video 3 – Preparing to perform a FAST scan

Video 4 – Diaphragmaticohepatic view

Video 5 – Splenoral view

Video 6 – Cystocolic view

Video 7 – Hepatorenal view

Video 8 – Implications of the exam

Video 9 – Thanks for watching

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