Ultrasonography of the Equine distal limb videos

Watch these videos: Ultrasonography Equine distal limb

A series of online instructional videos demonstrating how to perform an ultrasound examination of the equine distal limb.

The video series aims to provide a solid knowledge of the basic principles and techniques involved in acquiring and interpreting diagnostic quality ultrasonographic images of the equine distal limb, with a particular focus on the soft tissue structures of the palmar metacarpus and plantar metatarsus, and also the palmar and plantar pastern region.  

Special thanks to Filham Park Vets for the use of their facilities for the filming of these videos.

PLEASE NOTE: Performing any procedure or examination on a horse is potentially dangerous, particularly when dealing with the hind limbs. For the purpose of filming these videos it was necessary to be able to carry out parts of the ultrasound examination and then provide commentary whilst still positioned near the hind limbs of the horses involved. In practice it is advisable to minimise the time spent in a potentially dangerous position acquiring the images, and to leave reviewing them until you are safely away from the horse. It is also important to be calm, quiet and vigilant at all times.

Video 1 – Facilities and Equipment

Video 2 – Horse preparation

Video 3 – Indications and timings

Video 4 – Zones

Video 5 – Basic scanning techniques

Video 6 – The proximal metacarpus – zones 1A & B

Video 7 – The proximal metacarpus – longitudinal

Video 8 – The mid-metacarpus – zones 2A & B

Video 9 – The distal metacarpus – zones 3A, B, C

Video 10 – The suspensory branches

Video 11 – The palmer/plantar pastern

Video 12 – The plantar tarsus

Video 13 – The proximal metatarsus

Video 14 – Summary

These videos have been produced in association with the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA), and we are very grateful for their assistance. All filming and video editing by Jonny Clooney.

Many thanks to Filham Park Vets for use of their facilities during filming of these videos.

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