Webinar: Hocus POCUS: trauma, triage and tracking to improve emergency patient outcomes with Jack Pye RVN CertVNECC

To celebrate Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month in May, we are excited to open registration for our free live webinar ‘Hocus POCUS: trauma, triage, tracking and improving emergency patient outcomes with Jack Pye RVN CertVNECC,’ with IMV’s very own Jack Pye!


You will learn:

    • How vet nurses can utilise ultrasound in emergency scenarios which they face in practice, including trauma patients, triage scanning, and serial scanning

    • How to use GE’s wireless VSCAN Air scanner in unstable patients

    • How veterinary surgeons can delegate POCUS scanning to vet nurses effectively

    • The huge scope of the vet nurse’s role with ultrasonography

    • Steps to take to optimise the ultrasound image

Jack will use some real case-based scenarios which will include abdominal and thoracic POCUS, to facilitate the learner in applying their new POCUS knowledge within clinical practice.

There will be a Q&A at the end of the webinar, and it will be available on catch up for the whole of May.

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