Legacy, Innovation, and Beyond:

How BCF was born

Here at IMV Imaging, formerly BCF Technology. We have changed the way veterinarians and farmers diagnose our animals throughout the last 40 years. And we will continue to do so for the next 40 years! As we approach our 40th birthday celebrations, it is only right we have a stroll down memory lane. To appreciate the incredible journey we have been on.

Ultrasound History

Picture this: It’s the 1950s. Professor and obstetrician, Ian Donald and engineer, Tom Brown. Are working tirelessly to change the trajectory of human medicine by developing ultrasonography. The work carried out by Donald and Brown laid the foundations of ultrasonography. So much so that globally ultrasound equipment will be found in almost every human and pet hospital in the world.  

Throughout their research and developments, the team expanded. Bringing in Brian Fraser into the mix as a highly skilled practical designer. With the project having a few false starts Brown and Fraser ventured off to Nuclear Enterprises Ltd. In the 1960s where Fraser would become the main driving force behind the activity. Fraser later revisited the design of the Diasonograph, and with the help of a “very gifted electronics engineer” Alan Cole. The NE 4102 Diasonograph quickly became a very successful instrument and was implemented into most British and many European hospitals.

After the release of the Diasonograph, our founders, George Bowie, Alan Cole, and Brian Fraser realised there was potential for ultrasound to be expanded into the veterinary and animal husbandry world!

Ultrasound image

BCF Technology/IMV imaging

Our product portfolio has evolved throughout the last four decades, with scanners coming and going, there has always been one consistency: the mechanical sector probe. The first probe to provide a 170° view of the uterus, would be used to determine pregnancy in sheep. This was later developed and improved to scan for twins/triplets. This probe was also originally designed to scan sheep on their backs, so farmers could scan 50-60 sheep per day. The new technology allowed farmers to scan the sheep upright, meaning they could scan 500+ sheep per day.

The evolution of technology enabled our team of highly skilled engineers and designers to collaborate with vets and farmers to improve upon existing technologies. We created truly wearable scanners, complete with Goggles as the viewing devices to reduce the strain inflicted on vets, farmers, and contractors. During this time, the only people using goggles as viewing devices were fighter jet pilots!!

Building upon our success, we decided to develop the EasiScan. Our first electronic scanner, designed and built by our own team here in the UK. The wearable bovine ultrasound scanner with extreme durability, clear image quality, and viewing goggles set the market standard. Our team of engineers worked closely with farmers and vets to produce a product that everyone could count on, no matter the environment. Sun, snow, or hail – those cows can be scanned!

Our constant desire to improve, and our hunger to develop our technology has shone throughout the last 40 years consistently. It’s pretty easy to look over our achievements with rose-tinted glasses and only recognise the wins, but after a quick chat with our CEO Alan Picken, the hurdles we’ve encountered are just as memorable as our successes.

Key Takeaways

From revolutionary developments to water resistant vs waterproof faux pas (if you know you know!), we couldn’t be prouder of our company’s history and roots. Innovation is one of our core values here at IMVi, and it is at the heart of everything we do. We are continuously striving to push the boundaries and provide quality diagnostic imaging solutions to veterinarian professionals, farmers, and contractors ­alike.

Without you, our customers, and supporters, we wouldn’t be where we are! For every setback, and for every achievement, you have been there through it all! So please join us in celebrating 40 years of excellence, and here’s to another 40 years!

Party dog - IMV imaging 40th

More than just imaging

We at IMV imaging support veterinary professionals in a variety of ways and look forward to continue doing so for another 40 years! Whether it be through our innovative, high quality equipment, superb servicing or our host of clinical resources ranging from positioning posters, to webinars, to podcasts to highly interactive and hands on CPD courses, we are more than just imaging!

More than just imaging

Here’s to 40 years of innovative legacy!

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