Abdo Plus! – Next steps to abdominal ultrasonography – An Intermediate Session (Ireland – 26/09/24)

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‘Logic will get you from Adrenals to Bladder and the whole way through the Abdomen’

Abdo Plus! – Next steps to abdominal ultrasonography

Course Overview:

This full day course is aimed at veterinary surgeons comfortable with basic abdominal ultrasonography and who want to take their skills a step further, tackling trickier things. With a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and practical hands-on sessions, you will soon get to grips with the entire tour of the abdomen.

Throughout the course you will learn the normal and pathological appearance of all major organs along with adrenal glands, pancreas, major vessels and abdominal lymph nodes. You will learn the landmarks to guide you to the subtler structures and you will examine the anatomy of the abdominal vasculature with the use of doppler ultrasonography.

Course Content:

  • Get comfortable with the GI tract – learn to find your way around the stomach, small intestine (including duodenum and ileum) and colon
  • Look further at the urinary and reproductive tracts and then where to find the adrenal glands and what to look out for
  • Learn the landmarks that help us to locate the pancreas and what to expect
  • Find and examine the major blood vessels and abdominal lymph nodes
  • Doppler ultrasonography
  • Put it into practice – get hands-on!

Equipment & Facilities:

  • You will need to bring a dog to scan, please let us know if you cannot bring a patient before booking. It is important that the dogs can be clipped as required for a full abdominal and echocardiographic examinations. Kennelling accommodation for the dogs will be available to use if required. 
  • Various ultrasound machines will be available to use on the day, however, if you want to bring your own for practice you are welcome to do so, just let us know.
  • The day will be informal and relaxed with maximum time for hands-on learning. Arrive for tea and coffee from 8.30am, ready to begin the lectures at 9am. We will aim to finish by 5.30pm.

Location: IMV imaging Unit 2, Block 3, City North Business Campus, Gormanston, Co. Meath, K32 ER81

CPD Hours: 7.5 hours CPD / VCI CVE credits pending approval

Available Dates: 26th September

Cost: £520 / €620

If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected] / 0044 7760 908463

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