Echo-what? Getting to grips with echocardiography

IMV imaging Courses 2023

New for 2023!

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Echo-what? Getting to grips with echocardiography

Course Overview: Aimed at veterinary surgeons who want to learn how to start their echocardiography journey, this one-day course is a mixture of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions with emphasis on getting as much hands-on time as possible. You will learn and practice the right-sided echocardiographic views and how to interpret them. We will also give an overview on doppler ultrasound and how it is used.

Topics Covered:

  • A refresher on basic ultrasound physics – how ultrasound works, what it can and cannot do and how to use the machine to optimise your cardiac images
  • Indications for echocardiography – when to use it and why
  • How to perform a basic, right-sided echo exam
  • An introduction to Doppler ultrasonography
  • Learn the normal appearance of the cardiac anatomy and how to spot pathological changes
  • Let’s get practical! – get stuck in scanning real dogs

Available Dates: East Midlands (15th September 2023), Bath (3rd November 2023)

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