IMV imaging CPD Course Brochure 2024

Scroll through our CPD course brochure and click on the various elements to find out more about our veterinary and veterinary nurse CPD imaging courses.

Online Courses

Our online courses are not your typical type of CPD course. There are interactive elements, quizzes, clips and a variety of other engaging techniques all designed with you in mind!

Practical Courses

Our courses span the length of the UK and Ireland and are led by industry experts with vast experience and passion for imaging. Not only will you enhance your knowledge in our small and focused courses, but you will also be given demos, tips and have the opportunity to get hands on to ensure that you can put the theory into practice!

We have a range of beginner, advanced, theory, practical, full in depth courses and bitesize modules across the UK, Ireland and online. So why not take a look and discover how you can increase your confidence, know-how and practical skills in imaging today!

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