Veterinary Nurse Ultrasound Online Course

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Veterinary Nurse Ultrasound Online Course

Course Overview:

This online course aims to guide you through all the different aspects of ultrasound as it is used in companion animal practice. Aimed at both absolute beginners and those with ultrasound skills already under their belt, we will guide you through everything you need to know to become competent at ultrasonography. From patient preparation and using your own machine to how ultrasound is applied to our patients, we will build your confidence and get you confidently performing point-of-care ultrasound examinations of the thorax and abdomen. The ultrasonographic anatomy of the thorax and abdomen will be discussed, along with ultrasound artefacts and machine aftercare. All of this is presented in an interactive, eLearning format full of quizzes, animations and videos. 📈

Topics Covered:

  • How ultrasound works to create an ultrasound picture
  • Machine, patient and imaging room preparation
  • Useful ultrasound artefacts
  • Machine controls and image/video management
  • The abdominal organs and APOCUS
  • The thoracic organs and TPOCUS
  • Patient aftercare

CPD Hours: 5 hours

Cost: £210 (inc VAT)

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