Equine X-ray

Radiography is a key component in the investigation and diagnosis of many equine conditions. Whether you are just starting to X-ray horses, ponies and donkeys, and want to understand the fundamental principles, or are more experienced and want to advance your equine X-ray and radiology skills, IMV imaging has many resources to help. 

Getting Started

With a wide range of radiography equipment available, it is important to understand the principles that underpin the systems and controls. From X-ray physics to the differences in radiography system types, then how to choose a system, and how to ensure quality radiographs, we have a range of articles, posters and videos to guide you. 

Moving from CR to DR

If you are considering buying an equine radiography system, then Direct Digital Radiography (DR) offers many advantages for equine use. Similarly, if you are looking to upgrade from computed radiography (CR) to DR, IMV imaging can discuss the advantages of the systems and talk you through what will work for you. 

X-ray Products

X-ray Generators and Accessories

Along with the processor, consider your X-ray generator, plates, and exposure charts (for both CR and DR systems). The equipment, safety considerations and accessories you use may vary with where the X-rays are being performed, and can be very different in ambulatory practice compared to in a hospital environment.  

So, if you are preparing to start taking equine radiographs, IMV imaging can provide all the information you need to get up and running. 

Having Trouble?

If you are having any problems with your ultrasound machine, IMV imaging is here to support you. Whether you need help with image optimisation, kit replacement or essential maintenance; our Account management, Clinical and Service teams are ready to assist you. 

Learning More…

In addition to our IMV Academy online and in-person CPD courses, IMV imaging have a library of learning resources to develop your skills. There are journal clubswebinars and podcasts on a range of ultrasound-related topics, but if you are looking for information on a specific anatomical region, then check out our list of guides and articles below:

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