Which tool for the job

Here’s a useful chart that we’ve put together to suggest which size endoscope will work best for your patient. If you have any questions why not contact [email protected] for a demonstration or visit. 

You can download this information here

AccessDimensionsCatDog <10kgDog 10-20kgDog 20-30kgDog 30kg+
StomachMax diameter8 mm8 mm9.2 mm12.8 mm12.8 mm
Minimum length100 mm100 mm1.5m1.5m1.5m
DuodenumMax diameter8 mm8 mm9.2 mm12.8 mm12. 8mm
Minimum length1m1m1.5 m1.5 m1.5 m
ColonMax diameter8 mm8 mm9.2 mm12.8 mm12.8 mm
Minimum length1m1m1m1.3 m1.3 m
IleumMax diameter8 mm8 mm8 mm9.8 mm9.8 mm
Minimum length1m1m1m1.3 m1.3 m
URTMax diameter2.8 mm4mm4mm4 mm4 mm
Minimum length60cm60cm60cm60 cm60 cm
LUT RigidMax diameter1.9mm1.9mm2.7mm2.7 mm4 mm
(Unsheathed)Minimum length65mm65mm145mm145 mm145 mm

Aohua Video Endoscopes – Small Animal to Equine

Video ScopesDiameterChannel SizeBiopsy SizeWorking LengthAngulation
MVE-6010φ5.8mm2.6mm2.3mm1000mm180°U, 160°D
MVE-9215φ8.0mm2.8mm2.4mm1500mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
VET-3512φ3.5mm1.2mm1.0mm600mm160°U, 130°D
VET-6010φ5.8mm2.0mm1.8mm1000mm180°U, 160°D, 100°L&R
VET-8015φ8.0mm2.0mm1.8mm1500mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
VET-8028φ8.0mm2.8mm2.3mm1500mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
VET-9215φ9.2mm2.8mm2.4mm1500mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
VET-9830φ9.8mm2.8mm2.4mm3000mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
VET-1335φ13.00mm2.8mm2.4mm3500mm210°U, 90°D, 100°L&R
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