David Asher

Accounts Assistant

David Asher

I started with IMV imaging in 2023.

With thirty years under my belt in various accounting roles, I climbed the ladder of responsibility and seniority to land a role of Area Financial Controller with a US Public Listed Oil service company. A significant chunk of those three decades was spent abroad, mainly across Europe and Africa, where I honed my skills and broadened my perspective.

Managing large, intricate operating divisions has become second nature to me, as has providing Senior Management with precise financial insights, implementing Cost Control initiatives, and ensuring compliance with SOX Audits (Sarbanes-Oxley) Controls.

Beyond the corporate world, I hold a crucial Non-Executive Director position with Apex-Scotland, and I extend my financial expertise to Triple Act, Theatre & Arts in North Ayrshire, offering invaluable bookkeeping support.

Now based in Glasgow alongside my daughter, we share a passion for exploring the globe, seeking out wonderfully exotic and quirky destinations whenever time allows.

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