Kenneth Wallace

Production Supervisor

Kenneth Wallace
I joined IMV imaging in April of 2012. 

I am the production supervisor, responsible for the daily operation of the production department. Prioritising production orders and service work for all IMV imaging own products.

Prior to IMV imaging, I spent 7 years at Jabil working as a Machine Support Technician and completing a Modern Apprenticeship. I moved onto working for Bell Isolation Systems as a Multi Skilled Technician carrying out workshop fabrication and machining as well as product installation throughout Europe.

I enjoy the great outdoors in my spare time by going on walks with my two black Labradors Jasper and Albus who love anywhere they can go running and swimming.  I took up running since starting at IMV imaging thanks to participating in the BCF Charity Challenge and have progressed from not being able to run a few hundred meters to now taking part in 10K and 10 mile races. I have a half marathon in my sights as the next milestone.

Cycling also become a new interest that found me joining my local cycling club to enjoy this sport with a group of like-minded fellow cyclists as well as enjoying the scenery around central Scotland and most importantly the café and cake stops that are a must on every ride.
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