Veterinary Endoscopy

What is endoscopy and what is it used for?

Endoscopy is a vital component in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of many medical and surgical conditions, across all veterinary species. Regardless of whether you and your practice are just starting to consider incorporating endoscopy into your work, or you have already got to grips with the basics and want to increase the range of endoscopy services you offer, IMV imaging have everything you need.

Getting started

With so many uses for endoscopy, it is difficult to know where to begin. Before you can create your perfect endoscopy set up, you need to consider the anatomic areas you will be examining, and whether a rigid or flexible endoscope is most appropriate.

Flexible endoscopes

If you are aiming to perform gastrointestinal and/or bronchoscopy studies, rhinoscopy, or arthroscopy, we have a variety of products available. Additionally, because you will want to perform biopsies, broncho-alveolar lavages or retrieve foreign objects, don’t forget to consider which channel instruments are right for you. If you need help choosing these, IMV imaging are here to guide you through the wide range of endoscopic accessories available.

Rigid endoscopes

Rigid endoscopes are commonly used for laparoscopic surgery, from bitch spays to biopsies. IMV imaging has everything you need to start your laparoscopic services, including core components, instruments and accessories. In addition, small and exotic animal practices can benefit from our multi-purpose rigid otoscopes. Similarly, equine dentistry practitioners will love our equine dental endoscope.

Instrumentation and accessories

Getting to grips with your endoscope, and all the different endoscopy instrumentation, can take time. Check out our guides on processors, light sources, white balance, insufflation, cameras, monitors, which channel accessory to buy, and recommended endoscope dimensions.

How do I leak test my endoscope?

Leak testing your endoscope is an essential part of operating and maintaining it correctly; check out our guides for different scopes and leak testing equipment.

How do I clean my endoscope?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the endoscope is essential, but shouldn’t be daunting. To help, we have step-by-step guides for flexible and rigid scopes to assist you and your team.

Having trouble?

If your equipment is not performing correctly, or needs some TLC, our service team are here to help you. Even though the endoscopes are designed with the rigors of veterinary practice in mind, we still recommend maintaining your equipment with a service contract. Beyond that, our Clinical team can support you with the use of your machine in practice, and the Account management team are here for any questions you might have about purchasing equipment.

Learning more…

In addition to our IMV academy online and in-person CPD courses, the IMV academy has a whole library of learning resources to develop your skills.

There are our Journal Clubs, webinars and podcasts to start with. If you are looking for information on a specific species, region or indication, you can check out our list of guides and articles below.

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