• Duo-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner

Duo-Scan ultrasound scanner

Make your cattle ultrasound diagnosis quicker with 170° view

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The Duo-Scan cattle ultrasound scanner allows you to complete your pregnancy checks in less time than other pregnancy detection methods. You can make diagnosis quickly, speeding up your entire pregnancy check with a high image quality and larger view area.

Highlights of the Duo-Scan:

  • Faster pregnancy checks than other detection methods
  • More accurate diagnosis than other pregnancy check methods
  • See more with a larger and deeper view than other ultrasound scanners
  • It goes anywhere you go
  • Fast learning curve, you are ready to go in no time
  • Customize to your needs in an ultrasound scanner.
Additional Details

Viewing devices

We have a range of viewing options for your Duo-Scan. Choose from the options below which include head mounted displays, monocular devices and wrist displays.


  • Duo-Scan Battery and Charger

    Duo-Scan Battery and charger

    Duo-Scan’s 12V batteries clip to the bottom of your ultrasound scanner. It will last up to five hours in continuous use. With these portable batteries you will easily get through a full day of scanning hassle-free. Batteries are charged with a Duo-Scan battery charger.

  • Duo-Scan Backpack

    Duo-Scan Back Pack

    The Duo-Scan back pack allows you to stay portable and move freely. Your ultrasound scanner is held safely and securely on your back. The back pack is durable. It is easy to clean and keeps Duo-Scan clean and safe when exposed to any on-farm environment.

  • Video Lead Cable

    Video Lead Cable

    The video lead cable allows for an alternative viewing option. The video lead cable runs from the top of the Duo-Scan scanner to, most commonly, the standard wired monitor. The video lead cable is great when in a stationary location. It helps provide a large and easy to view image for multiple people.

  • Remote Display and Shoulder Strap

    Duo-Scan Shoulder Strap

    The Duo-Scan shoulder strap aids in arm-free scanning. The strap attaches to the ultrasound scanner allowing it to rest at your side. You maintain easy access to the key pad. The shoulder strap is durable, adjustable and easy to clean.

  • Video splitter

    Video Splitter

    The video splitter allows for two wired viewing devices to be used at one time. You can use it with Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound scanners. It is a great teaching tool or whenever you want to share an image with someone. For example, you can wear a BUG while a herdsman and other employees are observing on a larger monitor.

  • Mains Adaptor

    The mains adaptor clips to your Duo-Scan in place of a battery. It allows you to power your ultrasound scanner through a standard wall outlet. The mains adaptor is great for scanning chute side or any stationary location without having to worry about battery life.

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