Wireless, connected on-farm ultrasound, strengthening the relationship between vets and farmers, ensuring better productivity on the farm and improvement in animal health.
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Wireless bovine ultrasound

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Introducing the first ever wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go.  Enjoy improved efficiency, productivity, and quality image with this lightweight bovine ultrasound.  Our engineers crafted this ultrasound with forward thinking, engineering an ultrasound that improves connectivity between you, the bovine veterinarian, and the farmer.


Wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go integrates seamlessly with the modern farm.  It is a wireless, App based scanner, that presents the ultrasound image on up to 3 smart devices simultaneously.  You can share images with the farmer or review the ultrasound images and videos later.  The IMV Go App allows to automatically calculate fetal age while scanning, save any ultrasound stills or videos, and rewind to review something you just scanned.



We understand herd checks can be extremely physically strenuous.  Which is why our engineers have crafted this bovine ultrasound for the bovine veterinarian.  Fast, light with minimal set-up time required, the wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go is ready to go when you are, providing speedy results without sacrificing accuracy.  Weighing only 1.8 pounds, Easi-Scan:Go can be worn all day without causing strain.  Easi-Scan:Go is completely sealed equipping you for a fast and easy clean up after every herd check. 



Wireless bovine ultrasound, Easi-Scan:Go has 128 crystals.  Providing you with a crisp and clear ultrasound image.  Easily share your crisp bovine ultrasound images by saving any stills or clips directly to your smart device.





“Honestly I was skeptical, I’m pretty picky with ultrasounds.  I expected a lag and decreased image quality because of the 'Wifi' connection.  I also thought the BUGs would be a bit unbalanced and heavy.  I was blown away and loved it, the headset is great!  Great image quality, easy to use, and lessened my overall fatigue by fitting so well and being so light.  You guys have really created something special."

-Cody Creelman, Cow Vet





Easi-Scan:Go 65 day pregnancy


Viewing options

Pair your Easi-Scan:Go with the BUG-OLED:Go wireless goggles or any smart device to view the ultrasound image.  


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    Carry Case

    Hard carry case to store and transport your Easi-Scan:Go and accessories.

  • Mains Charger

    Mains Charger

    Charger which fits mains power supply.

  • Battery Charger

    Battery charger

    Used to easily charge your Easi-Scan:Go battery.

  • Car adaptor

    Car adapter

    Charger cable to fit into a standard car cigarette lighter socket

  • Additional Battery

    Additional Battery

    Extra battery to be charged and used at your convenience.

  • Chest Mount

    Chest mount

    To be used in conjunction with your choice of viewing device.

  • Belt


    Waist belt used to mount the scanner while in use

  • Belt Clip

    Belt Clip

    To be used in conjunction with the mount belt.

  • Android smartphone viewing device

    Android smartphone viewing device

    Smartphone to use as a viewing device.

  • Wrist Mount

    Wrist mount

    To be used with your choice of viewing device.

  • Quad-lock fitment

    Quad-lock fitment

    Used to mount your choice of viewing device.

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