Wherever you use this portable veterinary ultrasound scanner, you benefit from an excellent image quality. Due to its wide range of multi-frequency probes, the ExaGo efficiently meets all your required applications.
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Portable veterinary ultrasound


ExaGo, the portable veterinary ultrasound scanner



Wherever you use this portable veterinary ultrasound scanner, you benefit from an excellent image quality. Due to its wide range of multi-frequency probes, the ExaGo efficiently meets all your required applications.


Designed with the latest technologies and equipped for the veterinarian environment, ExaGo is reliable and robust. It will quickly and easily provide you with high-quality ultrasound images.


Compact and light, ExaGo is specifically designed for veterinary field use. Its interchangeable battery provides you with several hours of examinations. With it's durable and tough case, ExaGo can follow you everywhere. This provides you the same image quality and image interpretation as your in office practice with one convenient portable veterinary ultrasound.

Open Technology

ExaGo has been designed for long-term use. With its fully digital system, ExaGo is progressive and easily upgradable (both hardware and software) and will always fully meet your needs.


ExaGo is exceptionally easy to use portable veterinary ultrasound. The quality of interface ergonomics makes it very user-friendly. You benefit from several automatic functions and customizable data. With ExaGo, you don't have to worry about your equipment and can instead focus on your diagnosis.



Ultrasound Gallery

Below are a collection of veterinary ultrasound images and videos captured with the ExaGo portable ultrasound.

  • HORSE -lombaire

    Equine: Lombaire

  • HORSE A-sive lombar(dual)

    Equine: A-sive lombar (dual)

  • HORSE Dominant follicle

    Equine: Dominant follicle

  • HORSE- abdominal use

    Equine: Abdominal

  • HORSE- Asive Lombar

    Equine: Asive lombar

  • HORSE- Bladder

    Equine: Bladder

  • HORSE- Cervix

    Equine: Cervix

  • HORSE- Convex probe on hip

    Equine: Convex probe scanning hip

  • HORSE- corpus luteum haemorrhagic + follicle

    Equine: Corpus luteum haemorrhagic and follicle

  • HORSE- corpus luteum Haemorrhagic Fibro-

    Equine: Corpus luteum haemorrhagic fibro

  • HORSE- Doppler follicule  Copie

    Equine: Doppler follicle

  • HORSE- heart

    Equine: Heart

  • HORSE- Horse Dominent Follicle

    Equine: Dominant follicle

  • HORSE- Kidney

    Equine: Kidney

  • HORSE- Left ventral colon

    Equine: Left ventral colon

  • HORSE- Liver (C360)

    Equine: Liver

  • HORSE- Mucus normal avant ovulation

    Equine: Mucus, normal ovulation

  • Horse-eye(2)

    Equine: Eye

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 15 J

    Equine: 14 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 15 J

    Equine: 15 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-pregnancy 17 J

    Equine: 17 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 18 days

    Equine: 18 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 20 days

    Equine: 20 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 22 days

    Equine: 22 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Pregnancy 28 days

    Equine: 28 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-pregnancy 35 j

    Equine: 35 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-pregnancy 55 J

    Equine: 55 day foal fetus

  • HORSE-Tendon-JMD WEVA 2013 (79)

    Equine: Tendon

  • COW-42 days

    Bovine: 42 day calf fetus


    Bovine: Compact CL


    Bovine: Embryo death


    Bovine: Estrus


    Bovine: 58 day female calf


    Bovine: Intestinal loop


    Bovine: Longitudinal section of uterus in heat


    Bovine: Pyometra

  • COW-Teat, particularly of papillary canal

    Bovine: Teat, papillary canal

Multiple Probe Options

  • L738V probe

    L738 LINEAR

    10.0-5.0 MHz

    -Tendon diagnosis
    -Superficial parts on small animals

  • LC1038V

    L1038 LINEAR

    High density 15.0-7.5 MHz

    -Equine tendons
    -Small parts

  • LC1428V

    L1428 LINEAR

    High density 18.0-10.0 MHz

    -Equine tendons
    -Small parts
    -Musculoskeletal high frequency

  • C360A probe

    C360V CONVEX

    5.0-2.0 MHz

    -Small parts & musculoskeletal
    -High resolution abdominal

  • CC550V probe 2

    C550C CONVEX

    High density 6.0-3.0 MHz

    -Equine musculoskeletal penetration
    -Abdominal scanning
    -Small animals

  • C614P-Micro Convex


    7.5-4.5 MHz

    -Small parts

  • LB760V probe 2

    LR760 LINEAR

    10.0-5.0 MHz

    -Veterinary rectal

  • 90-2990 OPU probe


    7.5-5.0 MHz

    -Non-porous, smooth, polished finish
    -Short & long needles, 12g to 20g biopsy guides
    -120 degree angle
    -Precision, all metal needle guide

  • L3130B probe

    L3130B Body Composition

    5.0-2.5 MHz

    -Back fat

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