ImaGo S provides a diagnostic for reproduction on all animal types with its excellent image quality. It's large range of probes gives a wide possibility for various clinical applications.
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Swine ultrasound


ImaGo.S, portable and robust swine ultrasound


Compact, portable, lightweight and robust, ImaGo.S is the ideal scanner for swine pregnancy diagnosis. Featuring the latest digital technology, ImaGo.S can be used either with the standard sector probe (sows) or with the sector rectal probe (cows, sheep, and goats). 


ImaGo.S is compact and portable, yet sturdy. The interchangeable lithium-ion battery allows you to take advantage of several hours of continuous scanning wherever and whenever without an electric connection. 


Designed with the latest technology, ImaGo.S can be used either with a standard sector probe (sows) or a sector rectal probe (cows, sheep, and goats).


This ergonomic veterinary ultrasound has customizable data and automatic functions that make scanning quick and easy for a user-friendly experience.  

Open Technology

Easy to upgrade, ImaGo.S is a progressive ultrasound scanner. Its digital conception allows hardware and software to be upgraded, which means you are always using the latest technology. 



  • SB 355 M - IMAGO sector probe

    Sector Abdominal (SB355M)

    Sector abdominal probe for reproduction can be used on:


  • DB 355 M - IMAGO sector rectal probe

    Sector Rectal (DB355M)

    Sector rectal probe for reproduction can be used on:


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