Debra Malcolm MCIM

Global Companion Animal Marketing Manager

Debra Malcolm MCIM

I joined the company in August 2017 when we were known as BCF Technology. When I first joined the company my role was the UK & Ireland Marketing Manager and then I moved in to the International Marketing Manager position in January 2018. In January 2020 I moved in to the Global Companion Animal Marketing Manager role, where I am responsible for Global Equine and Small Animal marketing and business development.

I am responsible for the strategic and operational marketing globally for these species and our brand and digital marketing. Along with my team we develop and support these markets with our authorised partners throughout the regions.

I have worked in marketing for over 14 years holding various roles for UK and Global companies. Before joining IMV imaging I worked as a Marketing Manager for a Commercial Debt Recovery Company, where I was responsible for the overall marketing for the company. Prior to this I worked as a Global Brand Manager for one of the world’s leading Digital Dentistry companies, ensuring that the brand was consistent across all markets and aligning the regional marketing teams with the global marketing plan. Prior to this I worked with Aviagen, who are Global Leaders in Poultry Breeding, I first began my career at Aviagen as a Marketing Coordinator and then progressed to Assistant Marketing Manager, responsible for all the marketing for the UK, Ireland, Europe, The CIS, Asia and Oceanic.

In my spare time, I play Netball and enjoy cooking (mainly at the weekends) and spending time with my family and friends.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any help.

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