About VESCO (VES Custom Optics)

Welcome to the Home of Veterinary Endoscopy in Europe

VESCO Specialist Veterinary services

What Do We Do?

We supply, service, repair and offer a complete solution for all of your veterinary endoscopy needs. This includes the latest equipment and supporting consumables for flexible video endoscopy, rigid endoscopy, laparoscopy, lasers and more.

We provide service contracts, loan equipment, in-house training, corporate training and free no-pressure business consultations. We sell everything you need to support and keep your day to day veterinary endoscopy operation up-and-running. We also support veterinary professionals at every stage of their educational journey with our free clinical content resources and through our training courses hosted by experts in the field, all of which is supported by our customer care and service teams.

VESCO Contact Details

Telephone: +44 (0)1702 460 310

Address: Unit 11 Short St, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 5BY


To place an order for any of our products or accessories, please go to the Products section at the top of the page, locate the product you are interested in, and then complete our enquiry form by clicking on ‘Place Enquiry’ button on the product page. The part code will be on the page, along with size options (if applicable).

A member of the team will then contact you to arrange the order and payment. All orders will be invoiced going forward.

VES Custom Optics Joins the IMV Technologies Group

VESCO logo

We are now part of the IMV Technologies Group, based within the companion animal business of IMV imaging, IMV Technologies’ veterinary ultrasound and diagnostic equipment division.

Read the full press release from IMV imaging >>

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