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All the excellent value, practical imaging courses you know and love are back, but in a new online system.

To book one of our practical courses you simply:

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New Veterinary CPD Online Courses

We are now also offering online courses!

Our new online courses are interactive and use a combination of creative digital formats including demos, videos, graphics and interactive quizzes.

You can also choose from full courses to short modules focusing on key aspects of imaging.

Boost your veterinary CPD hours today!

Ultrasonography for Veterinary Nurses

Aimed at both absolute beginners and those with ultrasound skills already in development, we will guide you through everything you need to know to become competent at ultrasonography. From patient preparation and using your own machine to how ultrasound is applied to our patients, we will build your confidence and get you confidently performing point-of-care ultrasound examinations of the thorax and abdomen. The ultrasonographic anatomy of the thorax and abdomen will be discussed, along with ultrasound artefacts and machine aftercare. All of this is presented in an interactive, eLearning format full of quizzes, animations and videos.

Online - ultrasongraphy for vet nurses

Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound

Our Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound online theory course will give you all the fundamental knowledge you need to perform an abdominal ultrasound examination using the equipment you have available in practice.

We will cover a logical and methodical approach to ultrasonography which will enable you to identify and fully evaluate the major abdominal organs.

All of this from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

Abdominal Ultrasound: Next Steps

Online - Abdominal Ultrasound Next Steps

The overall purpose of this course is to continue to improve your confidence in performing routine abdominal ultrasound examinations. If you are confident in finding the major and larger abdominal organs, and wish to move onto to smaller and more difficult organs, this course is for you. After reviewing some key ultrasound concepts, we will cover a logical and methodical approach to assessing some of the smaller and less distinct areas of the abdomen using reliable anatomic landmarks.

Putting the Theory into Practice: A New Cohesive Way of Learning

The online courses are intended to provide you with all the knowledge you will need to feel confident in your imaging abilities and to equip you with new techniques to enhance your existing knowledge. Combining our online and practical courses enable you to enhance your knowledge at your own convenience and then put your newly acquired knowledge into practice whilst receiving guidance and tips from our highly experienced IMV team.

With more online courses and practical dates coming, the IMV Academy is the place to be šŸ˜€

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